Giving back to Bali

Posted by Shaina Munro on

We love the people who make our clothes as much as the ones who wear them.

Our beautiful pieces are hand crafted in Bali, Indonesia, by a small Factory.

We are donating $1 from every order to The Bali Childrens Project. The Bali Childrens Project helps to provide education for children living in Bali.

"Escaping poverty through education"
With each order placed on our website we are helping provide the necessary means to help children in poverty become educated.
Your donation will be distributed to where it is needed most, whether that be to buy school books, fund a library, provide backpacks to students etc.

We feel it is so important to give back to the wonderful community who make our clothes.

You can read more about what the wonderful team at The Bali Childrens Project do here.

sustainable fashion brand giving back to the community who make their clothes. bali childrens project.

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