Arlo and Olive x Fashion Revival Runway, an evening of Melbourne's best independent designers

Posted by Shaina Munro on

In March we were lucky enough to be invited to be a part of Revival Runways Summer Daze fashion show.

Revival Runway are a not for profit organisation who put on shows for small independent designers, with a focus on ethical and sustainable garment production.

The show was at the beautiful Abbotsford Convent, where the models walked through the dreamy gardens amongst the heritage architecture.

We presented 10 curated looks from our current collection, styled by the wonderful Revival Runway team.

Alongside 9 other incredibly talented designers, our pieces were truly brought to life.


Without further ado, the Summer Daze runway, presented by Fashion Revival Runway…

melbournes best independent designers. ethical and sustainable fashion by arlo and Olivesustainable 70's inspired flower print wide leg linen pantsethical and sustainable groovy clothing by Arlo and Oliveboho linen beige flowy dress. sustainable and ethical australian fashion labelgroovy 70's inspired sustainable mini skirt and top. aussie small fashion label.groovy 70's inspired linen dress by aussie fashion label Arlo and Olive

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